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Dropped my Visor Delux while using it as my grocery list and the whole screen is just lines. Such sadness. It was whole inside, though, so I was able to backup everything I had on it.

The good business practice of Handspring has saved the day as well. They basically have a $85 replacement fee for smashed Visors of the lesser variety, $100 for the fancy variety. Just call a 1-888 number, give 'em a CC number for the replacement fee, and they send me a new machine in 3-5 days and then I can send them my old, broken beast in the packaging they provide. Pretty nifty to get a replacment for essentially half price and given that I use the darned thing every day, the quick quick turnaround is really nice.

Given the rough usage my pocket-brain/nag has had the $40 extended, replace things once, insurance/warrantee is looking mighty nice. But it is really nice not to have to worry about any of it.

Still, this means my normal diary's update is going to have to wait a bit... and my daily journal might suffer from having to actually go and power up a real machine. Yeesh.

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