Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Nothing to Complain About

Okay... I have nothing to complain about. My boss was hunting a contractor to replace me, and she'd gone through a few dozen resumes, interviewed three folks, found someone everyone really liked, and the day before she was going to give the guy an offer, she was told that she couldn't hire the guy.

I got NOTHING to complain about, compared to that.

All I have to do is do a job that I know and mostly like, inside and out, for another three, maybe six months before moving on to something I know I'll enjoy tackling.

One interesting thing is that a co-worker that I've had my own problems communicating with (yes, part of the problems are certainly mine) is out on maternity leave for a while. I've already gone through three meetings without her and while I hate to admit it, I've really been far more productive, happy, and more at ease in all of those meetings. It goes quite a ways in making this old job that much easier to stick with. Given that she's out for at least three months, I'm actually feeling far better about staying for that time and not having to always combat my own bad feelings and self-hatred about not being able to just get along with her.

So silver linings to go with the black clouds, and after a See's chocolate bar with toffee bits, I'm feeling quite a lot better than yesterday.

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