Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

103 F as a high


It's hot. Luckily, it's not humid. But nights are still pretty miserable. Jet's not sleeping well, at all, and it may well be a combination of heat, the lack of humidity (he goes through a whole sippy cup of water every night), and the altitude. All three of us are having to get acclimated again. I slept by Jet last night as one of the only ways to deal with him getting up every hour and a half.

But I've stopped wheezing, the way I was when I was in the Northwest. I've replaced that with my dry cough, where I'm dehydrated enough that I cough. I just have to remember to have a constant bottle/glass/something of water around me at all times, especially when I'm working out at the Rec. Center. That's important to pack.

Joan and her kids arrived back home last night. Yay! Jet's playing with them at Dante's right now, so he should be good and tired when I go get him.

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