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Bloody Nose

We really looked at our place, and started thinking about tree-hunting in Longmont. So we went around, yesterday, to drive through neighborhoods, peer at houses for sale, and see what there might be that might intrigue us. In the midst of all that, we had a playground stop. Jet had been supremely cheerful afternoon, and it seemed fitting to let him have some fun while we stopped and talked and thought about what we'd seen.

On the most part, we often climb with him on climbing structures. We had fun spotting him up ladders, and then sliding down with him when he insisted on it. Just spotting him, on the most part, not actually holding him up or supporting him, so that he can do it if he can, and if he can't we can catch. But there was one item that looked a lot like a number of climbing things he'd been on before so John decided not to spot him on it, but there were a few, odd horizontal bars at the bottom of what looked like a normal arch of bars up to the platform. Jet stepped right on the lowest horizontal bars, and reached forward and *down* for what he expected to be handholds. His feet slipped off the bar, and his head banged, hard, into a bar.

Luckily or no, Jet hit himself right across the bridge of his nose. It was not his teeth. It was not his eyes. But it could have been either... as it was, he instantly gushed blood in a huge flood, and started yelling, "Owie! Hurts! Owie! Hurts!" John picked him up and ran for the van, where we applied pressure, lots of tissues, and then wet wipes. Jet managed to spray John and I as well as himself, with a good, graphic amount of blood. There was so much blood we weren't sure if he'd hurt something other than his nose. When it finally slowed and stopped and we got everyone cleaned up and gave Jet a lollipop, he was perfectly happy. He even let me try to wiggle all his teeth. They were all solid as rocks, and he grinned at me for doing something so odd.

He was fine. I wasn't. John got us some ice from a Subway, and I tried applying it to Jet's very obviously swollen nose, and he wouldn't let me do more than a little bit. He was perfectly happy, singing, kicking, and talking about all kinds of stuff, and when we went to Deli Cioso's for dinner, he was watching the pool players with his nose pressed against the glass, running around with other kids, and even ate rice and quesadilla with gusto. So he's fine, but my nerves were shot from just the sheer amount of blood.

I am, however, glad, that my mood didn't affect Jet's, at all. He's not scared or cowed or anything, just understood that it was an owie, and that we'd take care of it...

... and with a shot of Motrin last night, he slept just fine, so no nose damage to bother his breathing. Whew. And this morning, the swelling has gone down and he just has a little, red (not even blue or black) bar across the bridge of his nose.

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