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The Mosquito Magnet is working really well. They say that to break the breeding cycle, running it continuously for 4-6 weeks should be enough. Even in just a single night, we've already caught a few dozen mosquitoes, so I feel pretty good about the purchase. Especially given that I have a bite on the middle knuckle of my left forefinger and the swelling from the bite is making the joint seize and really hurt. Bah.

Jet ate nothing, yesterday, until dinner time, and then he scarfed, whole, two entire slices of pizza. Normally he'll peel off the pepperoni to eat first, and then ignore the rest. This time he just ate all the layers. Yay! He also slept until 4 (which qualifies, medically, as sleeping through the night), woke, went back to sleep when I rocked him a bit, and slept until nearly 7. This is good.

I do know now at a gut level, why the only adventurers in stories are virgins/without kids on the most part, or parents who are trying to rescue their kids.

Actually re-read Neuromancer because of bryant's Monday mashup.

I could see Jammers, one broken, being hired by someone that fixes the broken one but adds a hook to keep them all 'hired' for 'good'. A cyborg, a burnt out corporate mage, an illusionist from the Pagodas, they acquire the ghost after one of the quests/breakins... Given a series of small quests to start, each giving one of them a bit more power (a signature weapon, a set of shticks, a spell for communication...) and a bit more hate of the Ascended. They're actually hired by the Unspoken Name, because of his love of the now-dead Adrienne. The spoken goal is to destroy the Ascended, but that allows the Magic to come back, too...

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