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It's cooler today. Not quite sure why, but I can hope that the weather is changing.

Interviewed a Waldorf-inspired pre-school teacher last night, and it's odd how many emotions it's all invoking to work through Yet Another Change, and having Jet going to a 'school' or a more structured play/learn environment. Only four hours a day, and probably two days a week. It's going to be very little more money than we're already paying Joan. Given that we last 'negotiated' the price when he was barely eight-months-old, it may be a bit much for basically babysitting a toddler for three to five hours a day. But it's with friends he loves, so that's worth it...

... still, the overall change of getting Jet into pre-school, having to deal with all the scheduling with Joan as to when she's actually going to take him on the days he's not in school. Given that Haley's in school Tuesdays and Thursdays and this pre-school only does either Tuesday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday, it'll conflict. So I may have him all to myself on Thursdays, which may be good or bad or something. Confusing in any case.

One good thing is that John and I decided that it just isn't worth moving again, here in Colorado, while we're here. Even the lure of trees and a park within walking distance wouldn't be worth all the pain, money, and uprooting that goes on with moving twice in the next two years. Jet and I will have to work out some kind of park deal some afternoon... but I've also had to face the reality that on Mondays and Thursdays, all I manage to really do is work, get Jet to eat some lunch, and then we're off to the Rec. Center, which is a good adventure in and of itself, but all my original thoughts of doing some clay, painting, or going to the library have kind of been shot by the routine. Still, Jet doesn't seem to mind the routine and with the Rec. Center being such good, cheap entertainment, it just seems like a great thing to do on a regular basis.

I could always go early, and go to the library the moment Jet's done with his lunch, and wander about there before going to swimming. I should probably try that.

Anyway. The Not Moving means one less hassle and uncertainty. The work thing just hangs there. The tomatoes are happier now that I'm back and have fed them and water the corner plants a bit more because the drip irrigation is letting them dry out between drips. I've now got a dozen ripe ones that I should probably make sauce out of. The lawn is slowly coming in, but Jet's conditioned not to walk on green things without his shoes, so he's mildly afraid of walking on it in bare feet, still, which is kind of sad. We'll see how that works out eventually.

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