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... talked out the schedule with Joan this morning and it looks like there will be some daycare coverage every day of the week. There's two weeks that are going to be touch and go while she's working out what her kids' school schedule will be like and what she can do; but the rest seems to be worked out pretty well. It will mean giving up our Wednesday lunches, but so it is...

I then promptly forgot my 9 am dentist appointment this morning, and they called with a 'friendly' threat of 'you can do this once, but next time it's 75 bucks', which, as expectations go, is a reasonable thing, as I was expecting to pay the 75 bucks this time as they usually say you have to pay it if you forget. So now I'm scheduled in October, and I'm halfway wondering if I shouldn't just try and find a new dentist that's closer to work or something... I've been okay with this dentist, but they've had to go over, again, a lot of the work they do in order to make it tolerable. I'm halfway wondering if I couldn't find someone better while I have the opportunity.

Thing is I really feel badly about missing the appointment. Not just the reasonable, "I screwed up, but we'll make it work anyway." kid of bad, but the deep-gut, "You're a worthless person for fucking this up..." kind of thing. I think, perhaps, all the stresses have been getting to me more than I'll admit...

And it's such a small thing if I compare it to all the folks with their power out or all the other bad things in the world. Of course, that only makes me feel worse about feeling badly. Mmmm... vicious cycles. It was interesting, the other day, finding that adults with children are only a third as likely as adults without children to commit suicide. It would make sense. Jet as anti-depressant...

This morning, when John and I dropped Jet off at Joan's and talked with her about the whole scheduling thing, he and Haley were gang-tackling Alex and the three of them were just running around, wild. He was having such a blast. Lots of giggles and running under legs and tackling and figuing out where everyone else was. Lots of attention on each other. Joan said that she'd miss him if she didn't have him, and that was quite a reassurance. She was also very clear about it not being an imposition to take care of him while she could.


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