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Told Off

Last night, I was frustrated and frantic as I was trying to get dinner together for all of us in order to have us all eat before our 7 pm appointment to talk over the pre-school contract with Wendy. I got gradually angrier and angrier as John seemed to be doing everything BUT getting him and Jet ready to eat and he seemed to be completely ignoring the food that had been finished. I finally snapped and yelled at him because I'd let it go too long.

Suddenly I realized, as I was yelling, that Jet was shaking his finger at me and saying, quite severely, "Pipe down! No, you pipe down!!"

Stopped me in my tracks. I blinked mildly at him and he repeated his dressing down. When I smiled at him, he smiled back and climbed into his dinner chair.


Earlier this week, Jet got to see a video of Cats and he was fascinated by the singing and dancing and in The Making Of he'd crow every time a person got turned into a Cat.

Last night, when we got to Wendy's, I saw a cat on the path before the door and I said, "Look, Jet, a kitty!"

Jet answered, very distinctly, "No. That's a cat."

Well, I *did* say that I wanted a kid that knew his own mind. Wow.

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