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My Heart Went Pitta-Pat

This morning, as I was driving into work, a sunflower yellow Yamaha crotch rocket came up from behind me. The rider was slender, androgynous, with a flame decorated helmet with a mirrored faceplate, and was covered, from neck and strong shoulders to powerful legs and booted ankles, in good, solid, black biker leathers. This in what was going to probably be 90+ degree weather.

PLUS when traffic slowed, the biker simply stayed on the Eurovan's back left corner. I hugged the right side of the lane to let them see what traffic was doing past my silver bulk, and to let them pass if they felt like it. But they never did. Even in stop and go stoplight traffic, they were sane and just stayed behind me. Wow.

Brains AND beauty.

It's funny knowing the kind of visceral reactions bikers in full leathers get especially compared to bikers in shorts, t-shirts, and no helmets. Most folk seem scared of the leathered folks, whereas I'm scared of the bikers with no protection, because I know that they're the ones that are the idiots or don't care enough about their body or brains to protect them.

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