Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Walk to Rivendell: Mile 206.1

How many miles are two stories worth of stairs ten times? Not nearly as many as it feels, I think, especially with a 28 pound weight wrapped around my left hip. Jet loved the Big Slide. He loved it so much I think I did the equivalent of a Stair Master workout just to get him up to the top. I pulled my left calf while trying to land us, upright, at the bottom of one of our times down, but the hot tub helped a lot. I got to use that when John was taking his turns up the stairs.

For some odd reason, Jet decided he didn't want to do any of the stair climbing, when that used to be the only thing he'd do. He kept asking us to hold him and take him up the stairs. Not stupid, in some ways, with as many times as he was having us go up them. We counted, ten times for each of us, on top of a 200 Cal. aerobic workout and weights (mostly lower back, abs, and the various gluteus muscles that support the lower back. I also indulged in 10 pull ups and the equivalent but pushing instead of pulling with a 90 pound machine assist. The all over workout of that last seems to help my arms and shoulders a lot more than the isolated exercises. But they were all tiring, especially for holding all 28 pounds of Jet while climbing the stairs.

But it was fun. Jet had a blast and kept asking to go again! We'd stop by the hot tub to warm him up whenever he started shivering again, and it worked out well. I guess he's out of the water more than he's in when we're doing the slide stuff.

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