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Running dreams... Mile 218 of 458

... while using the elliptical at the Rec. Center I often find myself daydreaming what it'd be like to be an old Ranger finally following the one who carries a broken sword into the final battles. Old, with kids and grandkids at home, joints not what they used to be, and all these youngsters showing up and doing stupid things. Fading into the forest, a wolf on two feet, and killing again to clean out the land's infestations of the twisted creations of evil. That long, miles eating lope, up mountains, following crooked streams, along pleasant farmers' fields, and seeing the Hobbits at first as children, then as a bit more wood-wise than most, and then as people themselves powerful, capable, and courageous.

I like daydreaming of running through the woods with a lot of other Rangers, all silent, all deadly. The feeling of picking up old skills again, after having laid them down for a deceptive peace, knowing that I had all the more than I had to protect, to lay my life down to keep safe. That was fun to explore.

It was odd, yesterday, finding that a 30 minute elliptical run set at level 4 on the Cardiovascular Workout setting (i.e. up a sharp peak of effort and then back down again) only got my heart rate up to the 120 range. I'm going to have to up the difficulty if I'm going to get a real CV workout, I guess.

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