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Poor Joan. She broke her wrist over the weekend. So I got Jet this morning, while she got to go get a cast on it with her family. I'm not at all sure how this afternoon is going to work out. Jet had his lunch before napping, today, which is a win, I think. His nap is a bit later than usual, but that's to the good for me, as it's likely he'll nap longer.

We've finally found a Chinese restaurant in the area that has really good Chinese food. We went there last night, and it was filled with Chinese people, on a Sunday night, even. So they're doing a pretty good business. The prices are cheap, the chef was the chef of our favorite restaurant (though more fast-food oriented) in Boulder, and the flavors are to die for...

When I was a kid, there was dish that I always loved in the winter. It's called Lion's Heads, and they're basically meatballs (which kind of look like the ceremonial heads of lions on Chinese sculpture), made tender with plenty of wine, soy, and other goodies cooked in a broth with Napa cabbage and glass noodles (which, in the brown broth, could look like a mane around the 'heads'). It was thick, hearty, and wonderful on rice. The broth from the meatballs always turned out really rich with meat flavors. I loved it as a kid. I haven't made it. I probably should try, sometime, but this restaurant does such a wonderful version of it that I would rather buy theirs and keep them in business.

They're at Arapahoe and 95th, for any Front Range folks that want to check them out, and they go by the innocuous name of Hunan Garden. They just changed ownership, going from a very Americanized place to having a chef that really wanted to make great food. Anyone that's familiar with the China Gourmet in North Boulder or their extension in Louisville called China *something*, should check this place out. It's good, and I can honestly say, it's authentic.

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