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Cool. Jet went to Joan's house, today, for the first time in a week, without having to be carried, kicking and screaming, into the house. He was muttering balefully about "No good-byes." and munching part of a brick of ramen, but he went under his own steam. This is a good thing, as pre-school starts tomorrow, and we can hope that he'll go to that with less of a fight.

I sat on Jet's foot last night, when I was trying to put his Monsters Inc. DVD into the DVD player and I heard this horrible 'pop'. He was behind me when I sat down, and my body mass just knocked him over while pinning his foot. He cried, I freaked. But fifteen minutes later he's running and dodging around the kitchen. Nothing broken, nothing maimed, nothing damaged other than my heart. A few kisses and reassurance by a very sane John and Jet was just fine.

God, I'm so glad John is sane when I'm not.

We went for a walk yesterday, instead of swimming, as Joan's cast took most of the morning and early afternoon. Plus, John had forgotten to leave Jet's car seat with Joan, so we didn't have Jet's seat to take him to the Rec. Center in; therefore, John came home and we went for a walk instead. Jet really liked it. He especially liked that we stopped at the neighbor's to help them put back together their Jeep. He loved crawling around in the engine compartment and all over the interior of the Jeep. I kept worrying about what he'd do to kill the two guys working on it, and it didn't faze them at all. I guess it's one way for Jet to learn how to be around cars while they're being worked on. Jet also loved the stone lions at someone's gate, and hauling his wagon around on the walk helped make it something more of a workout than just trooping along.

It amused me that Jet kept asking for "Monsters! Monsters!" before bedtime.

I hauled a ton of stuff into work today. I have too many papers, books, and other things I'm using for my design, and I have to reference it all when I'm thinking through the ramifications of what I'm doing, and it really struck me that this half-at-work and half-at-home kind of working is much harder than if I could just do one thing. And I have to haul it all back home tonight, as tomorrow we're going to Jet's pre-school orientation.

It's good, though, to work with other people and what they need to get done. I'm still having motivation problems doing my old work stuff, but it helps to know that other people are depending on me.

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