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Old Bush Shui Xian
In 2002, at a mountaintop in a remote area of Wu-Yi Mountain in China, thirteen ancient tea bushes were found. Three of those antique bushes--windswept and magnificent--were ripped up and displayed in front of a tea factory as decoration. With an extraordinary stroke of luck, Roy happened to walk by them, and instantaneously sensing something special, he inquired about them. After much efforts and no spare of money, he was able to protect the ten remaining ones. This year we are able to bring to you, from the ten antique bushes, this sublime expression of the Wu Yi Yan Cha. It displays the strongest "Yan" flavor (a Wu-Yi idiom connoting boulders and wildness), bright orange brew and the most pronounced honey-peachiness we have ever tasted.

Me, either.

It's pretty extraordinary stuff, and priced that way, too. Still, the one ounce sample was utterly worth it for me. The story about the Chinese waste of the three bushes just seems so typical of the Mainland that it just infuriated me. I'm glad Roy found them and got to them before they could all be destroyed. The tea itself is astonishing, especially when prepared gong-fu style, it'll do a good five steeps and still have a rich depth to it. My.

In many ways it's like drinking Story.

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