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This morning Jet and I had another big fight getting him into the car to go to Joan's. He was kicking and screaming and tears were running down his face. It was just pure force that got him into his chair. John came out and helped me strap Jet in. On the drive over, Jet started muttering, "No want bye-byes, no want bye-byes."

Halfway through the ride, he did a two-year-old switch and started grumbling, "Want bye-bye. Want bye-bye."

I repeated a lot of the things he said back to him to answers of "Uh huh! Yeah!" Which seemed to calm him down as he was being heard, at least. And by the time we got there he was sad, but not fighting it all. He did, however, want me to carry him in, and wrestling him, his car seat, and the diaper bag was kind of tricky. It got significantly better when he let me strap his car seat into Joan's car, first, and then get carried in.

He wrapped himself around my leg as Alex came over to greet him and tell him that he was going to the bus stop. Jet hung onto my pant leg as Haley came tumbling, half naked, into the livingroom to roll somersaults and giggle at Jet, her mom, and the TV. Roley Poley Ollie was on the TV with ladybugs and flowers and his dog's head stuck in a fishbowl. All of which Jet took in while staying firmly wrapped around my leg.

Joan and I talked a bit about stuff. Allergies, Doc the horse, and the weather. Haley danced and played. Alex got all his stuff together and put on his shoes.

Jet's grip shifted. He looked up at me and gave me his shyer smile, "Bye-bye." he said.

"Bye-bye okay?" I asked.

He nodded, "Bye-bye." He let go of my leg and giggled when Haley tackled him. He wrestled cheerfully back and waved to me as I waved to everyone else and left.

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