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I'm really tired. Jet was supposed to be really tired. We had a good day, yesterday. We even got to go to the park before hitting the Rec. Center. In the midst of our workouts, we got pages, as Jet's cotton diaper had leaked. Oops. So we just decided to go swimming immediately instead of doing some weights, first. I still ache. I did, cheerfully, though, do another 250 kcal workout. I'd done a 280 kcal workout the previous week, and felt much better about it. The harder workout is more satisfying.

Jet had a blast swimming. He swam, jumped around, rode both John and I, and did the kid's slide several times. He ended up in the hot tub, as the pool was cooler than usual. I guess the change in the weather still hasn't been accommodated by the pool's heater. So he was blue-lipped and shivering after a while, and the hot tub really helped him out.

Then, for the third night in a row, he was up every two hours. Instead of having him just go to sleep back upstairs, when he came downstairs to get us, we just hauled him into bed with us. It did mean that he wasn't up for LONG periods any time during the night, but he was restless enough that he made everyone's sleep mildly restless. I should probably just sleep on his futon tomorrow night, to give us all a better night's sleep. John had a harder time of it than any of us. Jet, on the other hand, has been really cheerful all the days after his really restless nights and he hasn't been napping any more than usual. In fact, the first night was after not napping at all.

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