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Jet got to stay home this morning, with me, while I had a meeting. He did great. At nap time, Joan came to get him, with Haley fresh from her pre-school. Jet freaked when I put him into Joan's mini-van. He's not used to leaving our house with her... but when Joan did her best to put him into his car seat, he quieted and went along with it. I was sad, though. Poor toddler, everything seems to be changing on him and he's not quite sure what to prepare for.

He did eat a whole musubi before going, so he wasn't going to be hungry. I was glad of that. I'll probably be able to give him a snack on the way to swimming that he'll really want and like. Something like an ice cream cone or something. He loves those, though I'm still rather uncertain about his habit of eating the bottom of the cone before getting to all the ice cream.

Work's... weird. I'm still stuck in the old position, though making the best of it. The oddity is that the project is in the ramp-up stages, which I love the most. I'm reading all these books about coding, UML, XML, refactoring, design patterns, unit testing, how to's on much of these, helping shape standards, helping phrase documents, and doing the problem statements and design stuff. I love this stage. It's where all the fun is, all the brain-storming, cool ideas, and where fast thinking makes a really big difference in how things may turn out.

The oddity is knowing that whatever I may do now, I may not see the end of in a year's time. It's just mildly weird.

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