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Shell Shocked

It's too damned strange. Strange to be wandering around my sunny house in slippers trying to toast a blueberry scone, get hot chai together and orange juice and watching thousands of real people die on TV.

Watching the airplane head directly for the second tower of the World Trade Center and watching it plow right into it is just bizarre. Especially knowing that there are people on that plane, people in the building. And the whole panic of a nation coming through as the national government and even the state governments all go into hiding as all the airports are closed down. And knowing the consequences are going to go vastly beyond this day. What is air travel going to be like after this? At least four hijacked planes in one day. Two used to bring down the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon (which showed how useful it's architecture is), and one somewhere down in, of all places, Pittsburgh in a location that indicates someone put up a fight...

And here I am in my home office after cuddling a warm, solid, feisty little baby who was comforted by the security of his blanket. It all seems unreal, like a badly coordinated special effect. Or a movie named, "The Fear of A Nation" or something about Middle Eastern, Afghani, or some other terrorists that was just all a fake-up to make people think.

Yet it's all real.

Real streets, real buildings, real firefighters, real hospital folks, and requests, all around the nation, for blood donations. I will probably make an appointment to try and donate blood this afternoon. It's been a year since the exploratory surgery that enabled Jet's conception, so I think I qualify again, and they'll be needing blood so badly.

As Trip puts it, "I hate human beings." Someone did that to everyone, and I hate them. They had Casper Wineburg on the TV, and I never agreed more with him when he said, "And the people who are responsible for this will be destroyed." It's not fear speaking, it's hate. Someone just earned the hatred of everyone in the U.S. and brought it down on themselves and everyone that might even look, smell, taste, feel, or breath like them. Destroy a few thousand earn the hatred of millions and all the power and money and capabilities they have.

I still want to cry, though. Just cry. Sorrow, anger, everything. Lives lost so suddenly and without warning, and the media on it and so confused and rife with rumor and fear. It'll provoke change in the U.S., certainly, as I don't think anyone would have thought this even possible before today, and here it is. Served up with the morning news, and my everyday breakfast. I'm glad, sometimes, that I do live outside of the big city and work well away from the centers of everything.

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