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Did 300 kcals last night, and woke up with a cold. Whee... okay, that was pushing it a bit too hard.

It's funny, as Jet's been in kidcare all summer, and never got a cold. It's been this fall, and all the changes in our schedule, what we do and how we do it, I think that's stressed all of us out. I think that's likely the cause of the colds. The combination of pre-schools, Joan's schedule, and our schedule made it so that Joan's only able to take Jet on Thursday afternoons. So yesterday I had a 1 1/2 hour meeting with Jet.

Luckily, Nick Jr. came to my rescue and played Jet's favorite stuff all in a row. Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, and Little Bill. All of which are pretty harmless, interesting people interactions, have cool puzzles and problems, and lots of creatures that Jet really gets into. So he was happily occupied the entire time. He was tired enough, when Joan came to get him, to cry a LOT when I tried to put him into his car seat in her mini-van. She finally had me go into the house. He calmed down instantly, and even went right down for his nap at her house.

Whew. But the stress of doing it, all new and all different actually had me writing down, "Survive Today" on my ToDo list. Yeesh.

No wonder I have a cold. C and Zinc, echinacea tea, and lots of mint and honey for the throat while I'm here at work.

Yeah. I'm at work. Thought I should just get today done and I could die for the weekend. Please do call me crazy, if you like.

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