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I'm remembering... when John used to be gone on business trips I'd be wired, doing all the things that I normally couldn't or wouldn't do when he was around. Eating the stuff that he dislikes, seeing movies that he didn't want to, reverting to my night-owl self rather than being a child of mornings and sunshine...

And it's still the same. I'm still wired at night, only I have the energy of the mother of a very, very active two-year-old, which is to say very little at all. I should be sleeping. I really should be sleeping, but I'm just still kind of wired on solitude.

Except, of course, that I'm not at all alone. I have John's mom and dad here, along with Jet. Okay, at this very moment I'm actually alone, with my laptop and doing all kinds of things like all the preliminaries for uploading all my big journal entries and stuff instead of the much saner 'GO TO BED'... ahem. And I'll get to do whatever I want to on the way into work, like buying Krispy Kreme donuts to eat with my cafeteria latte.

It's not quite as bad as it sounds, as they actually make it with exactly the same machine Starbuck's has but with the improvement of an automatic milk foamer that does it perfectly with instant temperature and depth of hot steam outlet measurement. Every time it does it better than the newly untrained puck dropping masses at Starbucks. And it actually gets the milk HOT, and puts a beautiful head of foam on it. The espresso always comes out with sweet crema, and they automatically give me three shots when I order a 'large'. It also helps that a 'large' is exactly $1.25. Whew.

I get to add my own caramel sauce, since Starbucks sold the stuff at Christmas, for a limited time only. I bought two bottles and they'll likely last me the year. Easy Peasy. I get to add it On Top, too.

Okay. That's wired, too, but in a different way.

Jet's been great since John left. He's been quieter. Less inclined to fighting what it is that we want to do. He's still being a very picky eater, but he's also eating. I don't know if he's acquiescing more because he's less certain or if he's just more certain of all the consequences, but when I give him his time limit warnings, he's heeded them. He's climbed into his seat on his own, and he hasn't just fought things when he shouldn't.

Damn. I think I hear a mouse in the ducting... blah. I hate mouse hunting.

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