Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Yucky Weekend

John and I spent the weekend sicker than dogs. Jet woke up, Friday morning, with a gummed up eye that was really red. Yeah, the dreaded "pinkeye". We called his pediatrician and picked up a prescription for him that evening, and he's been *great* about the eye drops, even the horrible 1-2 minutes of keeping his eyes closed after the drop goes in them. He actually hops into my lap, lies back, and says, "Close eyes!" and closes his eyes. We have to pry the one open to get the drop in, and he doesn't fight that other than his reflex to keep that eye closed. But once the drop is in he'll just lie there and wiggle to the beat as I count the minute off.

I think it helped that we told him that the drops were for his owie eye. That the drops would help fix it. He seems to understand that perfectly. And, sure enough, a day later, his eye's clear again, and three days later, he seems entirely well and totally perky. When he first got the pinkeye, he was really out of sorts and tired all the time.

John may have picked up Jet's cold of two weeks ago. I may well have gotten Jet's bacterial infection in my sinuses, as I was no better on Sunday after sleeping my shifts on Saturday. So we took me into the walk-in clinic and I got my antibiotics, too. Keen stuff, too, as it's a one dose every 24 hours thing rather than the wake up in the middle of the night kind of stuff I remember having to have when I used to have strep. John's fever broke Saturday night. We slept the rest of Sunday. Both John and I are having problems sleeping at night. Jet had real troubles, for three nights in a row, getting any sleep at all with his cold, which is why we think John has his insomnia. I'm just having problems breathing with all the discharge I'm getting from my sinuses, even while I buzz (it's that heart and bone deep extra buzz I get) on Sudafed. The decongestants just don't seem to work all that well any more, after I abused them as a kid with allergies.

Jet, however, was totally energetic all weekend. Refused to nap until late, so he was up late, and that didn't help John and I much with our rest.

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