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The Good Side

Is that Jet's been great all weekend. He was healthy, happy, and cheerful about everything we did or didn't do. It was great. Especially compared to how tired and sad and whiney he was when he was sick. It was really nice, especially when we went to the pho restaurant and he sat and ate and talked to us and enjoyed a lollypop while we were finishing and actually listened to us when we asked him to stay at our table. Whew. It made the weekend much easier.

Of course, with both the adults in the family sick, the house is a complete mess. Toys, tissues, books, papers, crayons, and Legos scattered everywhere. It's pretty daunting, especially with the bi-weekly cleaning crew showing up Wednesday morning and John's parents coming back that evening. I think we'll be back in shape by then. And Jet's been great about helping with picking up when we're doing it.

I feel better, though, oddly enough, the sinusitus was blown away by the antibiotics, but the sore throat has lingered. I may well have had two infections, one viral and one bacterial. No wonder it knocked me on my butt. I should listen to my body when it says it NEEDs rest...

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