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No coat!

This morning it was 36 degrees out and Jet kicked, screamed and cried when I tried to put pants on him. He wanted SHORTS and he's coordinated enough, now, to skin out of his pants if he doesn't want them. So we ended up putting him in shorts. Then I managed to get a shirt on him, after he went through choosing five different ones in a row. I also managed to get a sweatshirt over his head, but when it came to a jacket or coat, he would NOT have it on.

Even when we got to to pre-school and it was misty and 36 out and he had goosebumps all over him. I presented two coats to him to see if he'd choose one. He looked at them, looked at me, and reached up to grab my sweater sleeve.

"This one."

"My coat?"


So I took off my sweater, wrapped it around him, zipped it up, and tied the sleeves together in front of him. He looked amazingly smug and snug. The sweater went all the way to the tops of his shoes, so his bare legs were covered, along with the rest of him.

He'd found a solution to the problem that was different than any I'd offered. It's my new, Lands End cable cardigan, which is very solid, very warm, and quite washable. When he trooped off into the backyard of the pre-school area, the teacher said, "I'm a little concerned that it will get stretched and sandy."

I nodded, "Probably, but it's okay, he's warm."

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