Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Cool Day...

Okay. I had a great birthday, after all.

The swimming was a lot of fun with Jet, John's parents, and us. Then we went to the Royal Bengal Restaurant and had tremendous South Indian food. Jet drank a lasse, ate papadoms and played with his toys, quietly, in a corner by our table. Though there was a very funny moment, when a train came by, and we were pointing at it frantically for Jet to go look and a couple outside the window thought we were telling them to come in the other door. Oops. I corrected our mistake... and got good laughs.

Afterwards, we went to the Cold Stone creamery and everyone had exactly what they wanted. I always used to wish that my birthday cake could have different slices for different people, ones that they really liked. And it worked out exactly like that. Jet was really happy.

When we got home, I had messages on the phone. The best and coolest was the one kathrynt left me, it made Jet laugh and clap and dance to her gorgeous rendition of "Happy Birthday". He loved it and asked me to play it over and over again. I really enjoyed it as well.

So that was all good.

I got the coolest books from Kathy, my sister. She sent me the first five volumes of Iron Wok Jan!!. For any fan of Iron Chef and manga, this is such a Must Have. I'm hooked. I'll have to get six when it comes out. Yeesh.

Mom and Dad got me a gift certificate that I used this morning to get my wish list at the Franklin Covey store. Hoorah for finally being organized after so long! They actually called me on a satallite phone from their cruise. Woo!

John and Jet gave me nice promises of cool things. Isabel and George gave me a great picture of John and Jet for my desk at work. THAT is so cool.

I think, better than the things, was just that everyone cared.

Thank you, to everyone that wished me a happy birthday!! That meant a lot to me. Thanks.

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