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I know I pushed it too hard when I have a relapse... bleh.

Not only did my sinusitis come back, but I got Jet's pink-eye in BOTH eyes. The doctor was pretty amazed, today, but he was really cool and gave me drops for the eyes (a sulfate based one like Jet's) and a prescription for my albuteral, just in case the stuff got to my lungs, and then gave me a prescription for another round of antibiotics, but told me that I should wait on it for a day or two. He thought this stuff would just clear up in a couple of days if I really took it easy instead of going back to work as soon as I felt better.

What was really cool was that he voiced the acknowledgement that I found it really frustrating to get all my symptoms back again after I felt better, but he felt that the relapse would get better on its own.

It was really neat that he gave me the choice of whether or not to use the 'second gun'. I'll have to see if he's accepting patients as a regular doctor or if he only does the walk-in thing.

The great good thing is that John's parents are here. So I'll be able to actually rest if I stay home for the next couple of days. This is a great thing indeed.

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