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It is something of a joke, in the house, that the Women's World Cup is going on and we cannot watch it. The other night, with only 5 minutes to go between the U.S. and Germany, Jet turned off the TV because he wanted to see the Pixar shorts. He HAD to see Tin Toy and "No soccer!" So we actually put his tape in and let him see it. And mourned the loss quietly as we watched pieces of the Canadian game.

The funny thing was that after seeing Sweden attack for nearly three-quarters of the game, it seemed inevitable that Canada would have a really hard time switching from full-out defence to anything even approaching an offense. And so it was.

No lack of power on either side, but that precision play of the European teams should be interesting against each other. Of course, given Jet, we may only be able to see the U.S. Canada game... and that wouldn't be a loss, either.

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