Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

One of the cool things about not taking care of Jet so intensely for the last few weeks is that I really enjoy the time that I do have with him, now. It's nice. We had fun, this morning during my long meeting that I hate, just watching some TV, going out onto the porch to eat Fruit Loops and milk and play with little rubber, finger monsters. He slid some, we talked some, and mostly sat out in the sunshine and enjoyed the warmth.

It should be in the high 70's today, maybe 80 again. I kind of regret that Isabel picked all the tomatoes so early, as they're actually doing okay at the moment, and we have a box in the garage that's now filled with green tomatoes. Still, they might be fun to bread, fry and eat. Tart. They'll likely turn red soon enough, but that's nearly the equivalent of store-bought. Still... vine ripe tomatoes are pretty expensive.

Jet was just really cool this morning. Happy, pleasant, fun to be with, playful but not destructive, and we had a good time. He was pretty tired by the time Joan came to get him, and he seemed happy as I tucked him into his car seat and kissed him on his hair. He gave me his parade prince wave as I closed the door, you know, the Barbie wave, with the straight wrist and cupped hand wave. But he smiled as he did it and that was really cool after the last few times of him crying his heart out when he had to leave.

I know I'm biased, but I often think I have the coolest little boy.

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