Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Wow, I'm glad of Diony. I really enjoyed her link to a bit of thought.

Jet's only been up once the last two nights. My. The combination of the air cleaner, the humidifier, the night light, three solid meals a day, and a moderate amount of new stuff each day seems to be working. Then again, I should get real and really blame it just on him changing/growing/being a baby.

He really loves being held and sucking on my chin while I'm holding him. It makes him crack up when he's that close, eye to eye with me and, okay, I crack up, too.

A baby that talks and talks and I swear he's going to come out with full English sentences all at a shot. He's definitely talking with sentence sound flows already and cussing me out at the moment for being at the computer for too long.
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