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I do, however, now have a different cold. I'm hoping that it's just the head cold Jet's had lately. Coughing a little at night, play all day. That's how *I* want a cold to be.

John's sinusitis is really killing him, so he went back to the doctor's and they say that the infection has really gone down, but that there's so much irritation due to post-nasal drip that it's going to hurt for a while, still. They say that he's doing the right thing, but he should take more decongestants and get more rest. So he's sleeping now.

I sometimes think that both John and I push too hard during the week. Not getting enough sleep, not taking naps when we can and stuff, so we always end up sick on Saturday and end up trying to recover all weekend and then push through the weekdays again, instead of just taking a few off and really recovering all the way. Or something. I'm pretty tired of being sick every week. And it's not even really Jet's fault, in any way, as he's healthy as a horse.

In fact, this morning, while John and I were just lying around, Jet ran around naked, watched TV, fed himself cereal, crackers, noodles, and got me to make him two smoothies that he downed, no problem. He also used the potty, himself, all morning. No problem, and only one tiny accident that he caught and told me about. So we cleaned that up and he very cheerfully used the potty whenever I asked him if he wanted to us it or wear diapers again. Hee. Yeah. I made it a choice, and that seemed to really work for him.

Now we just have to do that more frequently than just on mornings when we're too lazy to dress him. At least the house is filled with sunlight today.

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