Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

*dance* *dance* *dance*

It's a different cold! Yay! I have a cough and a little fever, and only a little soreness of throat, not the "I'll kill you if I have to swallow." throat of the last illness. This I can live, work, and play with.

We had a sleep-in Saturday, but a very, very busy Sunday. We had fun standing up to introduce a cool family with an almost-three-year-old, a five-year-old, and they telecommute too. So it seemed appropriate. Jet had a blast playing, and he ran laps around the church gardens. The gardens consisted of a HUGE lawn, a long rose bed, and steps up to a patio that led back to the lawn. Being two, Jet ran and ran and ran and ran and was finally so tired that he tripped, fell, and cried when he got blood.

I fixed him up with Band-Aids, the universal 'make better', and he was content.

We did stuff around the yard, the house, and went out to explore an Italian Deli with great canoli, sausage, and sauce. John and Jet stayed home to play and watch the World Series while I went grocery shopping. I'm still utterly amazed by how a two-year-old can disrupt, so thoroughly, thought processes as simple as "Which toilet paper should I buy?" by even approaching a bottle of caustic cleaner with the word, "Mine." I think I got through shopping in record time because I was on my own.
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