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Indian summer has been here in force: mid-80's during the day, summer-warm evenings for walks and being outside, and no mosquitos after the one night of 27 degree weather. A good, quick freeze took take care of the small stuff. The deciduous trees have been licked by frost to flame reds, clear golds, and pumpkin oranges; but with the long, gold dry light of the last week they've been fading to dusty browns going ragged with black branches and bare patches. In the older neighborhoods, some of the yards are feet deep in leaves.

Friday should be back in the 40's again, so we're enjoying it while we can. Jet and John are wandering around the yard outside. We made Jet a giant pile of crisp leaves to jump into and scatter in all directions.

My tomato plants have long given up the ghost and I pulled them up and tucked them into the yard waste and thanked them for their summer's bounty. I have a box of ripening, green tomatoes in the garage, and they're still better than the grocery store tomatoes. *grin*

While it's this warm I've been avoiding the hearty foods, no stew or soup or casseroles. Just light stuff, pasta, salads, and using the last of my fresh basil before it gets frost-bitten too badly to eat. It's odd to have a bowl of angel hair tossed with the ripened tomatoes, shredded basil, olive oil, and red pepper flakes while the days are getting so short and the sunlight slants more and more from the south. It's like eating summer ripeness in the midst of the dying of the year, snatching a last, gloreous bit of warmth before the cold comes.

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