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I'm all jitters...

... started the 'new' job today, though it's only for five hours a week. It sounds faintly ridiculous when I say it that way, but it's for five more hours a week than I would otherwise have been able to do.

It feels odd after the rush of learning more about coding in the last few months than I have in years, to suddenly realize that I'm going to be dropping all that again in a few months. That I'm going to be dropping the juggling act of managing dozens of 'feature/jobs' for other engineers and once again only be answerable for my own work. Different. That they expect me to understand software jargon when I'm, at heart, a hardware engineer that disdained jargon for real English. Perhaps that latter will only stand me in better stead. We'll have to see. Especially if I'm to write a grammar for a few languages that we've made up for our own usages...

Anyway... it's exciting and scary. Excellent feelings for the Halloween season...

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