Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Whew. The weather broke. From 80 and gusting to 28 and raining.


Raining. It's the Seattle-mist type slow drizzle, which is snow up at the fire area. It's making containment completely doable, which is very good. Just a loss of 7 buildings. Pretty much all the evacuees are back home.

Last night, it was very eerie seeing the line of fire on the mountain. It almost looked like a crack in the side of a volcano, oozing lava or something... all the glow and the curtaining of smoke.

The J's and I went to Longmont for a meeting, and then hit Cold Stone on the way back, just minutes before they closed. Jet had been great at the meeting and wanted ice cream, so there we were, and he really enjoyed his peppermint ice cream with sprinkles.
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