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Comfort Foods...

... I have a slow-bubbling pot of chicken stock, a la Good Eats. It's making the whole house smell wonderful and golden with the roast flavors of the carcasses I'd frozen and revived.

I also have a bowl of baked beans and a couple slabs of thick cut toast with butter. With the sky outside completely grey and the porch rimmed in ice, it's a really nice comfort food for me to just eat some baked beans and toast. It's another childhood favorite, like White Castle hamburgers, cream of tomato soup with grilled cheese, or winter melon soup... *grin* they get me in a nicer emotional space.

I think I'm stressed out with all the new work stuff, the old work stuff I still have to do, that I really don't want to do. I'm also trying to deal with Jet and , as he's suddenly decided that diapers are a lot easier than trying to use the potty. He's had two accidents, yesterday and today that suddenly turned him off of doing it. Up to this point he really was into it and really enjoying the attention and being able to say that he did it!

I may also be getting more Coloradian and missing the sun after only a single day of it being gone. Man, will that be bad when we move back to the Ninty-Days-of-Rain-In-A-Row NorthWet. So I'll hope it's not that and is just PMS. Hmmm... chocolate...

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