Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Magical Halloween

The world is magical today. Everything is sheathed in a coating of crystal. Each blade of grass, seed, pine needle, and every surface open to the mist and air is covered in ice as clear as glass. It's amazing. The 20-some-odd degree weather along with a super fine mist falling all day, sometimes as rain sometimes as snow sometimes impossible to tell what it was.

The weight of the glass-ice is incredible, too. Joan touched a branch of a tree in her yard as she was calling in her dogs, and the branch cracked and fell off. Aiee. It's also pretty hard to crack and clear off the windows of the car.

Of course, this is after a completely dry and fairly warm October, and, of course, on Halloween it had to be 26 and drizzling steadily. I think I haven't had a Halloween here that had good weather.

Instead of going out to trick-or-treat we took Jet to work, and took "the tour" through the facility and stopped at all the candy stops. It was kind of weird. Kids used to just wander through the cubicles doing the "Trick or Treat" thing at the cubicles that displayed candy. Someone got "concerned" about disrupting people at work (after 4 on a Friday on an ice day) and so they decided to put "candy stations" in the break rooms, and have the kids only go there. It lost any semblance of polite give and take, it was just scramble at the next candy station. Bleh.

Jet did do me proud, though, saying, "Thank you!" to everyone that gave him a piece.

At the moment, he's enjoying his modest booty, and we're watching some Halloween specials. There have been a few intrepid kids with their parents, and Jet's been happy giving them candy from our bowlful. He's really enjoying doing that.

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