Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

It's been drizzling, freezing rain, fine snow, and overcast for the last five days. I am so happy, it's amazing. John's gradually getting happier and happier and happier and this morning Jet actually put his own coat on in order to go push his little, four-wheeled Red Rider around the snowy lawn. His little feet digging up furrows in the snow on the green grass.

I am so amazed as the water just keeps falling from the sky and it doesn't look like this pattern's going to break until sometime next weekend. Wow. We so needed the water it's amazing. This is also going to help with soaking all the trees before the long, dry winter freeze. Up here in the high desert it's important to give the trees a big drink of water before they hibernate. It's wonderful.

The humidity's really helped with my cold, and it's gradually going away. Jet's got another cold, but he's pretty cheerful about blowing his nose. It's affected his sleep, but he's been very cheerful while awake between extra naps.

With the real cold setting in, Jet hasn't been fighting putting on a coat, or pants even, any more. Last night, he even asked for clothing, so that he could get John on a bike to pull his bike trailer for a while in the dark. Jet really wanted to go for a bike ride.

Jet also actually asked to use the potty!! Amazing, and did quite well at it. No accidents or anything, so I proclaim some progress. It's interesting, though, contrasting modern methods of it with how I expect I was potty trained. Ever since I remember, before Jet, I used to nearly throw up every time I had to deal with any fecal matter. It made it really hard for me to clean up after Fezzik. I also remember lots of really miserable nights as a kid, having to change sheets, PJs, and everything in complete quiet because I knew my parents would whale on me if they knew I'd had an accident. Now there's Pull-Ups and eight-year-old kids on TV saying they have the same problem I did. It's... amazing. I would expect, though, some lapses because it's not that frightening/humiliating/shameful anymore to have an "accident", but the upside of that I'm willing to pay for with a little cleaning up, I think.

Saturday was errands day, and we did most of them with Jet asleep in the van, but we ended up at the Cheese Importers. I spent a bundle on cheeses. We only get there a couple a times a year, and it was good to wander about and taste things again. We spent all of Sunday napping, serially. Jet while we were at church, then John when we got home, then me, and then Jet on the way to dinner. That was pretty funny. We really enjoyed our pho dinner. It's good food for cold nights, and the closer one is so busy on Sunday nights that everything is perfectly fresh. Yum.

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