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I'm glad it's today and not yesterday.

Yesterday was just one of those days that one is just glad to have survived, and be able to go on and live and do stuff like normal.

I am really grooving on normality this morning. Everything from feeding the baby at 5:50 in the morning to having my coffee maker spit grounds into my coffee. The sunrise was gorgeous this morning and all the better for the coo'ing, wriggling, happy bundle of boy, who promptly fell back asleep for another hour that I badly needed.


Sometimes I think parenthood is all about getting reduced to ground zero myself, again. To take nothing for granted and to really enjoy, at a viceral level, all the things I started taking for granted when I was nothing but work and entertaining myself. Not an easy thing. Not always an enjoyable thing, no, but it is something wider than that.
Tags: jet, joy

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