Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

John was frantic with work, and it was sunny for the first time in a while, and I wanted to take advantage of it, but I was mildly trashed, too. So on Saturday, after going out and doing errands in the morning, Jet and I crashed for naps while John worked. Afterwards, John was still working, and Jet and I kind of waited around for him. He'd actually meant to say that we could 'go at any time', but it had sounded, to me, like wait ‘til I finish this One More Thing and then we'll go out. Communication...

So Jet and I watched Nemo for a while, with the commentary, which doesn't seem to scare him nearly as much as the movie straight, and it was fun for me, too, but the sunlight drained away on our plans for Jet to ride a 'choo-choo' at Flat Irons. They have a multi-car shuttle that Jet calls the Green Choo-choo, and he loves riding it.

Anyway, the sun drained from the day, and I finally just took Jet outside to play instead of watching Yet More TV. I was mad as all get out for being 'made' to stay home, and even madder when John said that he'd meant to tell me the we could go whenever I wanted to go. So it was my fault for not saying, which wasn't anything he meant to say, just what I'd figured out.... bleh. Anyway... we ended up going into McGuckin's trying to find a seed starting kit like the one on and some fruit fly traps. They didn't have either of those, but they did have a really cheap silicon coated fabric, a five dollar, flimsier version of a French Silpat. Not for candy making, but good for dozens of Home Tour cookies, which is what I really intended to do. And for a quarter the price, it was worth trying.

We then went up on the side of one of the foothills to see the eclipse. We got to see the last few degrees occlude. Jet climbed up to the front seat of the car and sat in our laps to watch "Moon play peek-a-boo!! PEEK-a-boo!!!"

Then we headed into Boulder proper and saw the eclipse from the top of one of the city's parking structures, and then went into the Mongolian BBQ, where Jet demolished a big bowl of rice, we ate in the midst of the Mongolian horde of people coming out of a CU football game, and they ran out of everything from my pop to Jet's rice. Our waiter was so frazzled, that I took pity on him and tipped him even so.

Sunday, John was so sick, he decided to just stay home and sleep. So Jet and I went to church, and I've never felt such an alien as without John's presence. Especially as one group of people was expecting John to be there for a particular thing, and though he'd called to say he was sick they hadn't realized it was him that called. Anyway... Jet had a blast going to the front for the kids' message, and playing with the other kids afterwards. Eventually he said, "Mom! Go!" So I went to the service. Afterwards, there was a planning meeting for a party, and I hadn't really planned on doing it and Jet seemed so tired. But with a couple of bags of fruit snacks, a truck, and some lemonade, he did just fine for the hour meeting. I ended up being assigned getting the people and ingredients for three side dishes for 150 people. Whee...

When we got home, Jet was asleep, and John was still asleep, so I just put Jet up in his room, and I napped out in the livingroom. Then, we all woke up, more human, and went to get Jet onto his choo-choo and me to William Sonoma, again, as they finally had their QuickMister in stock and they had real Silpats on sale. John also got information on a great deal on celphones, which he's comparing, today, to other deals, and we went to Old Navy and got Jet some pants that actually fit his new, long legs. Jet loved the ride back to the car, and he ate pepperoni and crackers until he saw the fries we got with our Good Times dinner. Then he was a fry eaten fiend. He also asked, "Chuckup! Chuckup? I want chuckup!" John finally deciphered it as "ketchup", but I would never have known. "Chuckup!" I was giggling for the next ten miles.

They also had Oregon blackberry frozen custard, and I was never so happy as to be able to eat that. Wow. Blackberry! Seedless, even, and it tasted of those deep-ripe berries I remember finding everywhere in the NW. Yum.

Jet got a bath, even, and had blast playing in the water. He watched probably a bit too much Nemo, afterwards, as he had nightmares all night. He was up five times last night. Ugh, so even after all-day sleeping yesterday, John's still mildly trashed, as am I.

But it was a good weekend.

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