August 2nd, 2001


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Took the morning off to take Jet to the doctor's for his six month birthday. John and I sang him happy birthday during breakfast, while Jet was eating oatmeal with apple juice, bananas and peas. Jet liked the singing, grinned big.

The doctor loved where Jet is at, developmentally, he's well ahead of schedule with his pretty darned solid sitting up, his hand control and capability to grasp things (of course Jet flung his ring of links into the garbage can while playing, but that was half the fun), and his conversational style. The doctor highly approved of Jet talking with Haley, turns out if a baby talks with another baby who is learning how to talk, the two of them learn from each other better than from the adults around them. Since Haley's a bit ahead of Jet, Jet seems to be doing even better, which is pretty cool, all in all.

Jet's weight is now dead average, so all the comments about a 'big baby' are to be ignored. Whew. He's a bit below average in length, so he is short and stout, but his head is a bit above average in size. All that sushi eating has resulted in more baby brains. Yay!

Best yet, the doctor listened while we went through our list of questions and talked us through them all pretty carefully. I was happy to learn that what we did when Jet fell backwards was exactly the right thing to do and the symptoms we'd read about in the book were the ones to watch for and if those had happened we should have brought him in immediately. Since none of them did, we were good doing what we did. Yay!

Of course we had a kill all the happiness by getting shots, but only two of them this time instead of the four the last two times, and Jet's so big, now, he only cried from the needles and was pretty okay after that.


Simple Toys

One thing I should not forget about Jet's checkup. While sitting on the examining table, Jet leaned over and grabbed two armfuls of the paper they line all those tables with. He then cheerfully pulled a good yard of it from the roll and then hugged it to his chest so that it crinkled and crunched. Then he started yanking at it with both hands, getting the loudest noises and he laughed and laughed and laughed the more noise it made.

Happy baby. He seems to love playing with paper. The doctor also gave him a grape flavored tongue depressor to play with and he didn't put out his own eye with it. He did happily chew, suck, and drool all over it.