August 6th, 2001


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Content, though. Had a family from next door over and they have five kids. The chaos made me very content with just John, Jet and I. Maybe we'll have one other, someday, so Jet will have someone to play with and talk with and go through life with that is at his level, or a little sibling to take care of, some, too. Joan, Alex, and Haley were great last night while they visited. Haley was tired, though. Alex was really great, helped with stuff, and enjoyed playing with the kids his age.

Still. Five. Argh. Such chaos I don't think I could deal with, perfectionist that I am, it would make me snap, hard.

Today, everything with Jet seems just very peaceful and very good in comparison. Even getting up three times to feed him last night, and cuddle him a lot seemed a very small thing. He was probably overloaded from the chaos, and from not sleeping much during the day. Nursing is such a comfort to the both of us, especially, last night, when it allowed us the half hour away from everyone and everything.

Mmm... work...
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