August 27th, 2001


recovery and raspberries

We basically spent the whole weekend recovering, again. Sleeping when we could, getting food that we liked, and getting Jet to learn how to sleep on his own, i.e. putting him down while he's still awake, quiet and content, and letting him figure out how to get to sleep on his own. We went from getting up five times Friday night and Thursday night to getting up only twice last night. Whatever else Jet is, he's a fast learner.

Also, on Sunday, there was spontaneous raspberries. All of a sudden Jet's discovered he can do raspberries and he was doing them all day yesterday, every time he was content and resting and not spending energy doing anything else, he would just sit or lie there and make raspberries steadily. Just a whole bunch of them in a row, over and over and he started looking a little surprised when the spray would hit him, but he got used to that and just kept buzzing and brapping and boo'ing when he missed the vibration bit of it.

It's really cool as a clear signal that he's content and happy and restful. It's also funny as heck to watch him, all solemn, buzzing away.

John thought something in the car was broken and vibrating, yesterday morning, before realizing it was actually Jet doing something more he's never done before. That had me falling down laughing.

Jet also got his first bath in a bathtub last night. My wrist is hurting again, but it's the tendon that wasn't injured to begin with and it's hurting because of pressure on it from the splint, which is unfortunate. So I'm juggling taking the splint off. Anyway... John threw part of his back out, so we couldn't do a bath the usual way because there was no way John's back was going to take a wiggling, squirming wet baby bath. So I filled the tub a few inches full of warm water and Jet got his bath in there. He was almost floating in just that much water, and he was happily swimming after washcloths, the big cup I was using the rinse him off with, and the bottle of baby soap. I wonder if it reminded him of being warm and floaty in the womb? I dunno.

He had a great time splashing around, and while he spluttered a bit at having water dumped on his head to rinse his hair (I couldn't think of any other way to do it and since it was a no-tears baby wash, it didn't seem to sting him at all), he seemed to enjoy the rest of it tremendously. I enjoyed it, too, as he was having such fun. John took drying off duty after I held Jet up high enough for John to take without bending over. So that was really nice and easy.
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