September 6th, 2001


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A little better this morning, not so far as being able to focus on anything, but better in other ways. Tuesday night, Jet was up five times, last night he was only up twice, so that was very much nicer. He's settling back into his old routine, I think, and having it upset that one day (plus 3 hours of naps in just that one day) he didn't do well that night, but now that things are settling back, he's settling in as well.

I now have a plan for plowing through things, which is also a good thing. I just have to implement it. Thinking through things is a good thing because when I can act it can be pretty effective. That's useful.

Still fuzzy feeling, but I finished A Deepness In The Sky, and now my brain isn't eaten so much by it, though my dreams were filled with large, interesting, intelligent Spiders. That was pretty cool.

Was very cool, this morning, to find Mark Allen here. He was a lurker in Genevieve's In Nomine game, and I really enjoyed talking with him there.
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Part of feeling better today was being able to cook last night.

I had four leg-thigh quarters of chicken, and yesterday at lunch time, I hacked them apart and marinated them in yogurt and garam masala, a cup of yogurt to about a tablespoon of spice. Then when I could cook, I sweated a chopped onion, two tablespoons of minced, fresh ginger and three cloves of garlic. Then I added a tablespoon of medium curry powder, and let it go until it was fragrant. I then added the chicken and all the marinade and about four chopped, fresh tomatoes. Then I just lidded it and let it cook on low.

I think if I'd had one of Pensey's curry powders instead of the grocery store type, it would have turned out more curry-like. As it was it was tasty, but not at all spicy. Just lots of good tastes and the yogurt had made the sauce all creamy with the tomatoes. It was a wild stab at a homemade Tikka Masala, but just not spicy enough. It was good on rice, though, and John nuked veggies as well, so it was a very satisfying dinner.