September 7th, 2001


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Mmmm... well-made latte.

There's a new shop in Erie that has coffee, SF books, sandwiches, ice cream, and school supplies. Talk about multi-talented.

Jet had a really bad night, gas plus something else kept him up from 2-4 am, and then he was up just a bit before 7, so I fed him, let John sleep until 8, and then we ran off to the shop and got latte and mocha and cool sausage, egg and cheese pockets that were really yummy. We got back home in plenty of time for me to nurse Jet and then run upstairs for a 9 am meeting. Yeesh.

Another 1 1/2 hour surprise meeting. Well, the season for that should be over soon.

Had fun last night. I went into Boulder to meet up with John, managed to talk with Bill about work for the time we needed, and then we signed the papers to bring our mortgage payments down to our income level. Instead of pissing away our savings on interest, we're just lumping a bunch of it into the principle and refinancing the whole thing so our part-time salaries can keep up with the payments. This is a good thing.

We celebrated at The Cheesecake Factory, and Jet was a whole different boy, instead of just sitting in his car seat, he was in a high chair, munching on their baby platter of fruit and bread by eating tiny bits we tore off for him, playing with everything he could get his hands on, and tossing said toys into adjoining booths to the amusement of the occupants. He banged his head on the marble table remarkably infrequently, and liked sucking on the cool surface when we let him.

That was fun. I ordered the less than $5 slider appetizer without the fries and the Thai lettuce wraps and had waaaaay too much food. The wraps were really good, grilled chicken with five kinds of 'toppings' of fresh veggies, pickled cucumber, and rice noodles and three kinds of really tasty dipping sauces. It was so fresh and wonderful and quite the contrast to the little cheeseburgers.

TV Addictions

I nearly missed it! My. Good Eats did tea, and I almost missed it! Yay! More showings of the episode will be this coming weekend. Whew.

Good Eats is probably the only show I watch religiously. The other show I'm starting to watch regularly is Samurai Jack, on Cartoon Network. Carl gave me all the tapes for all the episodes of Powerpuff Girls, which turned me onto the Cartoon Network, and I saw ads for Samurai Jack, and after the beginning movie and the first couple of episodes, I'm hooked. It's a beautiful work with pretty astonishing backgrounds and interesting ways of doing action that is very much modelled on some of how Powerpuff Girls was handled, but with a much more evocative plot line.

I think it reminds me of some of the more adult plot-line anime, or even the good comicbook lines I used to read. It's bittersweet with lots of the backgrounds based on Japanese woodcuts. There's some cool humor as well, like Jack eating all the live seafood in the underwater kingdom and feeling, finally, comforted for the first time since he was in the strange future world. Or even how Jack got his name.

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I'm glad that there were only four days to this week. I already accumulated at least another day's worth of flex time, just this short week. Whew. But one deadline is done, another in two weeks. Yay! A little spacing.