September 10th, 2001


Monday Monday

It's quite the Monday morning. My 10:00 meeting moved to 11 and I didn't really realize it until 20 after 10. Whee.

Jet got up twice last night, at 1:45 and at 2:15. I took care of him the first time, John bounced him for a few minutes the second and that was that until Jet woke up around 7 am playing and a little hungry. Wow. It was the first night we had a real night light for him, so that might have helped. It was also not too cold and not too hot and he was really tired from the day. So getting up once a night isn't a pattern, yet, but it's happening a hell of a lot more frequently than it has ever since Jet was four months old.


I also got all my other journal updated as far as yesterday. That felt very good to have done as well. People are still recovering from the weekend, so I'm not getting answers, yet, to compile. I can also push one of my deadlines out a few weeks because of all the extra delay. That's good, too.

It also helped that Jet decided not to sleep while at Joan's and promptly fell asleep on the way home. So he's now asleep down in the bedroom so John isn't having to do extra work watching him while I have this meeting. That's pretty cool.

(no subject)

Jet's playing a five foot tall file cabinet. He rolled himself to the side of it and started whamming the side of it with his hands. Wham Wham Wham! He liked the sound, and then got his feet in on the deal and was kicking it as well as hitting it. Of course, he had to suck the corner of it just to taste what his new toy was like. It's making quite a racket.

Ice Cream For Fezzik

So today was Fezzik's birthday. After dinner the three of us went to Dairy Queen, got ice creams, sat where we could see the reservoir and the sunset and ate our ice cream and told Jet stories about Fezzik.

For the last three years we celebrated his birthday with a party, with him. Ever since he got to be ten-years-old, an age very few Newfoundlands ever reach, we celebrated his existence. Now we celebrate that he did exist, though a bit more quietly.

It was good to remember.
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