October 2nd, 2001



We all got up to get out of the house by 8, and drove to the new site for Xilinx in Longmont, and a bunch of people I haven't seen for a while gathered for breakfast and a brief service at the new site in memory and in... well... thought of all the folks that had died on Sept 11. Turns out one of our testing folks had been one of the passengers on one of the planes, and several others had lost relatives.

Jet was turned out in red and black velvet. It was a pretty cool morning, and he didn't mind the extra warmth. I think he might have been up since 5, so he was pretty tired, but he enjoyed seeing all the new people, sitting between John and I on the seat in the booth, getting held by Debbie (who brought us dinner the first week after he was born), and participating in the service. Folks all marveled at him, because the last time they'd all seen him was at the Founders' Day party, when he was only 5 lbs 8 oz, and now he's more than three times that size.

It was amazingly nice to see people. Folks that I haven't seen for months since I started working from home. The service itself was mostly a bunch of songs, and the planting of a big evergreen as a memorial. There'll be a plaque. It was just kind of interesting to realize that it was good to have everyone simply gather and think it all through with friends. To talk about things, and to have a symbolic marker.


It made for a very interesting start to my birthday, all in all, that memorial service.

Many thanks to elthar and agrimony for their birthday wishes! I haven't been able to get to my private account this morning because of a socks server outage at work and a modem outage at home. I only have my ISDN line that is only configured for work, so I'll have to get my modem up this afternoon/evening.

I'm pretty bad about birthdays myself. I like having reminders to remind me. I don't have presents for anyone, and especially since Jet has eaten my brain I've been really bad about getting anything for anyone, especially my mom, dad and sister, whom are probably the only people, other than John, that I remember getting something for. So I hold no grudges for anyone 'forgetting' mine. Especially someone as cool and wonderful as Trip. And if that might help flit with the guilt and stress. No stress! No guilt! No worries! Yay!

Besides, I find that the wishes often make me much happier than presents. A wish is always good and always perfect and there's nothing I would do to 'improve' them, when presents sometimes don't fit, break, wear out, collect dust, or just aren't quite what I had in mind... a wish always fits and doesn't wear out and it makes me pretty happy.

Got through!

Yay! I got through to my account and found wonderful wishes from Carl and Trip. Hoorah! I like mentioning Carl as he hasn't a web site and has always been amused by people wondering about him and what they can see of him through the mentions by other folks who do have journals and web sites. flit occasionally mentions when he visits her, as well.


Scents of the chocolate zucchini cake are wafting through the air. It's a surprisingly great cake, the zucchini is mostly there to keep the moisture in the cake. I was always impressed with how well it worked and it's really, really rich with chocolate. Yay! Birthday cake!

Jet's laughing his head off while playing with grandpa. I'm going to be so spoiled these weeks, being able to work and not worry at all about him. It's going to be hard going back to juggling him and work. He loves the attention. Thing is he'll probably love having Joan, Alex, and Haley back, too. So it'll be a wash.