October 11th, 2001



I am starting to get really tired of having three hours of meetings in a day and then have to have stuff done by the next day as well, when all I have are the four hours. It's going to be really nasty in the long run on my self-esteem as much on how much work I get done. There is something in my brain that still makes me think that I should be doing a full-time amount of work even though I'm only working half time. Buh.

Then again, I might be able to just work through some of these meetings, thinking about it. If I can walk out the door to change Jet, I should be able to type a little, too.

Uhm.. Like right now. Hee.

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Much dancing and rejoicing!! Trip sent me two China Mielville books!! Hoorah! Hoorah! Both King Rat and Perdido Street Station. Bounce around and whirl!
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