October 17th, 2001


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So now I know why Jet had such trouble sleeping the first night of his cold. My throat just hurt really badly, and the fever was hot enough that I had to throw off blankets for a while, and then I mostly just lay in bed and ached. John was a sweetie and moved out onto the couch when he snoring started to really bother me, because with how awful I felt it was a really fine line between being awake and being asleep.

Jet was even sweeter, he only got up at 12:30 and then stayed asleep until 7:30 this morning. With all the nose clearing, diaper checking and all that when he gets up at night, I could actually see this as fine aversion training for him to get up at night. Who would want saline stuck in their nose and suction applied with a bulb syringe in the middle of the night? I heard him cough or sneeze a few times all night, but he put himself back to sleep quite handily. At 7:30, I was so full of milk, when I heard him sneeze and grumble gently, I went upstairs to find him shaking his head as he started waking up and I just picked him up and fed him in his room.

Now I know why cows go into the barns, themselves, to get milked, too. I'm not sure how other breastfeeding moms actually sleep through the whole night. I end up in a puddle of milk after just 7 hours.

So I'm drinking huge amounts of tea, and my nose is a complete disaster area, but my brain's mostly clear and I'm plowing through work stuff like crazy. Whew. Yay!

Pho is Good Food

Both John and I have the dreaded virus, so both of us were stuffed up, headachy and tired by dinner time. I decided to just pull out rice noodles (Flit, have you thought of rice noodles as some kind of variety?) and soak them. I pulled a brick of pho oxtail soup from the freezer and let it thaw into a pot. I put on a pot of water to boil. Then I pulled out a single filet mignon I'd bought on sale months ago and instantly wrapped in plastic and then another layer of foil and then froze individually and let it thaw a bit before slicing it paper thin. I also sliced a scallion and took three large, crisp lettuce leaves and ripped them into bite sized pieces.

When the water boiled, I peered at the soup. When the ice chunk just disappeared, I dumped the noodles into the boiling water. I then dumped the lettuce, half the scallions and the thicker slices of filet I didn't think would cook just by having boiling hot soup poured over them. When the noodles were done, two minutes, tops, I pulled them into two huge soup bowls, topped them with the shaved beef and the reserved scallion slices, and then waited until the soup was bubbling hot.

I ladelled the soup on top of the raw meat, instantly cooking it, and there was plenty of soup to cover everything thoroughly. John and I ate. My head cleared up. My sinuses felt better, and I was totally warm by the time I was finished. Sometimes there is just nothing better than hot noodles in soup.

Jet is getting much better. He's kind of puzzled by our behavior, though, all the sneezing and lethargy is very new for him to see in us. It's kind of funny to catch him staring at me while I'm collapsed in the couch. It's much easier taking care of a happy baby when I'm sick. Whew.