October 23rd, 2001



Happy Ayseday! And may the celebration you're going to have be mighty fine. Ha! And I'm going to get to see you for OryCon! How cool is that?
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What amuses me about the geek quiz is that they don't ask if the Cisco equipment is actually working, or even a whole system... It's not a secret thing that Cisco uses many fine Xilinx parts, and I have a puppy board off one of their really old main boards that I was using to debug a particular part design problem, not really, ostensibly, for the specific circuitry they were actually using, but just borrowed to have real circuits to work with. It is very broken, it's not alive, it's sadly out of date, and I've even cannibalized chips, connectors and other things off it for other stuff... but it was, long ago, Cisco equipment...

oop. Hm. Does that make me more or less of a geek?

Things I Learned From Jet Today

  1. Headers aren't so bad. They're how you learn.
  2. Air return vents make cool sounds when you bang on them.
  3. A plain piece of paper is a better toy than a dozen primary colored objects.
  4. When you're grouchy a nap is a good thing.
  5. A cuddle is a fine place to nap.
  6. When you're uncomfortable with something out of your control, tell someone, it's the only way to get it fixed.
  7. Food is good. Cheerios are better.
  8. Mobility is an amazing thing because...
  9. If you want something go for it.
  10. If they take it away, try for something better.

Jet's really crawling now. He's going anywhere he wants to and when I'm around he's crawling on or over me as much as anywhere around me. It's astonishing to think of him just a week or two ago and being so frustrated with going backwards. He's also doing an astonishing number of headers, just missing something in his balance occasionally as he works it through and landing on his head. He doesn't seem to give a damn unless blood is drawn, and then he'll cry for about half a minute, get comforted and then wiggle to get free and do some more exploring. He's a maniac.

Maybe he'll be a hockey player some day, or something. No blood, no foul.

He's already really fast. The Sears book noticed that most babies crawl the most efficient way, i.e. with cross crawling, moving opposite hands and feet at the same time, it's faster, there's less rocking, and it's pretty stable. The books was pretty funny in noting that when most adults crawl they do it wrong.
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