November 19th, 2001


The World is White

It's gorgeous outside this morning. It's sunny and the world is covered in a thin coat of pure white, making everything clean and bright and cold. I had to bundle Jet up really well to take him to Joan's.

John and I only stood outside for a little while last night around 11 to see a few short streaks of light, out there with so few lights we were pretty set for stuff, but there was cloud cover for the west and most of the immediate overhead, so we didn't make an extra effort to be out at 2 am, especially since Jet was up at midnight. He was running a bit of a fever yesterday afternoon and evening. So we were kind of prepared for the worst. He was up again at 4 am, and kind of stayed up until 5, and then slept on and off on John for the rest of the morning, so we're mildly trashed.

Poor Jet's pretty tired, too. I'm not sure what it was that kept him awake, but we'll have to just wait it through as his fever's mostly gone now, and he seems to be either about to show symptoms or get better or have a tooth come out Real Soon Now.

The Leonids'll happen again next year. Jet's first tooth won't happen again.

Kathy's coming tonight! Hoorah! Hoorah! Kathy's coming tonight an it should be fun. We talked through picking up stuff this morning since we couldn't get to the gate, and it should work out okay, especially with two cell phones as backup.
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