November 27th, 2001


People suck

Thanksgiving was great with my sister around. It was just a lot of fun.

Jury duty sucked rocks in the respect that it was for the trial of an alleged child molester. It was yucky enough that I decided I couldn't deal, especially given that the prosecutor made me furious, and the defendant was Cambodian and the damned jury pool of seventy people had one black, three Hispanics and me as the only non-whites. Plus the prosecutor pretty much implied that the only evidence would be testimony and I so suck at telling whether or not people are lying or if they're just being led along by the very clever lawyers. So I was pleased to be excused.

Jury duty was pretty cool in that the instant I was excused from being on the jury (yeah, the prosecutor excused me, no surprise) I was free free free... unlike in Washington or California where you have to go back into the pool again for the rest of the day. So I went home and played with Kathy and Jet for what was left of the afternoon.